NCTE Online Courseware

Using the NCLE research findings on collaboration and standards implementation as our inspiration, we are pleased to offer a new way of thinking about professional learning. With NCTE’s online learning resources you may be accessing the resources online but that’s where the similarities stop.

  • We offer individual, school and district pricing options—because we want to encourage collaboration and conversation without making the process more complicated.
  • With shrinking budgets and time for collaboration, we draw resources from across our publishing library so your time spent together is anchored in conversations about teaching and student learning not finding resources.
  • Literacy is not just the English teacher’s job anymore. Our resources highlight literacy practices from across the school day, making cross disciplinary conversations more likely.
  • Professional activities are grounded in the promise of impacting practices not accountability and seat time.
  • We’ve built choice into our activities, anticipating the many roles and needs in schools.


Peer to peer collaboration is a central component. Through On Demand Web seminars, classroom videos, in-depth readings, and guided activities anchored in your classroom, you’ll learn practical ways to put your learning into action in your classroom and school.


Self-paced online professional learning (3-5 hours) about the teaching shifts needed to help students prepare to meet college- and career-ready standards for learning.


Similar to our Investigations, these self-paced online professional learning modules cover the same topics but at a level easier to consume in a small amount of time.